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Book Review: Hood Feminism - Notes From the Women That a Movement Forgot - Mikki Kendall

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Today's feminist movement has often been critiqued as "white woman's feminism," paradoxically leaving behind tens of millions of women its leaders purportedly want to elevate. Mikki Kendall argues that today's mainstream feminism rarely discusses the critical issues of food security, access to education, safe neighborhoods, living wages, access to healthcare, and mental health services as being "feminist." These issues affect women from all walks of life, and yet the "mainstream" feminist movement neglects to see how race, class, sexual orientation, and ability intersect with gender and women's empowerment. In her critique of today's feminist movement, Kendall draws on her own personal experiences to comment on these issues and how they appear in politics, pop culture, and more.

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