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Creating Diverse and Equitable Business Classrooms: Advice for Educators

As Diversity and Equity Initiatives continue to spread throughout the business world, professors and educators are learning how to create classrooms and curricula that reflect the increasingly diverse workplaces their students will be joining. Colleen Ammerman, Director of the Gender Initiative at Harvard Business School, recommends providing business students with materials and resources in the classroom that will help them manage diverse teams in their professional lives. While these conversations may be uncomfortable, Zoe Kinias, Associate Professor at INSEAD, believes that open conversations among faculty about race and gender helps professors become more comfortable discussing and teaching these topics within their own classrooms. Some of the tips shared by Nien-hê Hsieh, professor at Harvard Business School, include being willing to be uncomfortable, being an advocate for respectful discourse, being clear about objectives, being a good listener, and being mindful of the questions one asks. Read and learn more about diversity and inclusion for business educators here!

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