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Creating Inclusive Classrooms: The Importance of Pronouns

NYU prides itself on being an inclusive, diverse, and accepting campus. One way we can all uphold these values is by using pronouns properly. Pronouns are linguistic markers that indicate how a person wants to be referred in third person. Pronouns are linked to an individual's gender identity and sexual orientation. Using a student or colleagues pronouns correctly indicates that we respect the person to whom we are speaking, and that we recognize their sense of self and their humanity. Sharing pronouns is a mutual exchange. When meeting new people, you can share your pronouns, and invite them to share theirs as well. Sharing pronouns avoids the risk of misgendering - incorrectly referring to a person's gender by assuming their identity, which can cause long-lasting harmful impact. For more resources on pronouns or LGBTIQ inclusion in the classroom, check out NYU's resource center here, or find out more from this resource-specific guide here.


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