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Facilitating Conversations about Race

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

A Framework for Leading Classroom Conversations About Race

Stephanie Creary

This article from Stephanie Creary helps educators understand the most important elements to consider when discussing race in a classroom setting. Creary establishes four helpful tips that are conveniently compressed into the acronym R.A.C.E. R, stands for reducing anxiety, specifically by establishing community guidelines for how to behave and engage the topic of race. A, stands for appreciating that race is always either invisible or hypervisible and to reflect on the benefits and losses of each of these situations. C, stands for calling on allies to help facilitate these conversations. One of these allies, as always, is the I-Lab! Finally, E, stands for expecting that you will need to provide students with concrete "how-to frameworks," in order to make what they learn transferable to the real world. Creary's editorial piece is helpful, informative, and endearing as she merges these theoretical concepts with her real world experiences. Read the full piece, and understand what she means by using R.A.C.E. in the classroom, by following the link here.

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