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Feminist Applied Sport Psychology

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Feminist Applied Sport Psychology: From Theory to Practice

Leeja Carter

Feminist Sport Psychology (FSP) is an effort to emphasize the inclusion of all women (cisgender, transgender, women of color, etc.) in discussions of sport psychology. Leeja Carter collates and edits a book that includes multiple contributions from professionals who share their insights on the development of FSP as a solidified concept, their personal experiences working towards a diverse understanding of FSP, and best practices when researching FSP or including it in an industry setting. The book moves from chapters that highlight the progression of the broader feminist movement and considerations of feminist ethics to chapters that discuss the prevalence of intersectional feminist approaches, to a concluding section that discusses personal stories of navigating intersectional feminist praxis in the sports industry. While maintaining a feminist lens throughout, this book offers many chapters that provide opportunities to widen your understanding of the role that intersectionality plays in the sports industry. Access the book here!

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