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Feminist Perspectives on Land Law

Feminist Perspectives on Land Law

Edited By Hilary Lim and Anne Bottomley

Feminist Perspectives on Land Law consists of a vast collection of chapters that examine the relationship between gender and land ownership through a variety of lenses. Edited by Hilary Lim and Anne Bottomley, the collection examines the historical elements of land law that restricted the rights and freedoms of women around the world and how these factors come into play in the modern world of Real Estate. Some theoretical discussions include ways in which the shopping mall structure can reinforce, or counteract, the public/private male/female dual binary that serves to relegate women to the home, the legal status of female wanderers who do not own property, the legal violence committed against homeless women through "intentional homelessness," and unequal inheritance laws and their impacts on gendered real estate. The chapters represent a global perspective, with focuses on situations in Mexico, Botswana, Papa New Guinea, England, and other unique country-specific case studies. While heavy on theory, these chapters provide thought-provoking discourse on the near-infinite ways in which Real Estate matters can influence the gendered dimensions of wealth and legal inequality around the world. Access the full book here.

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