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Gender Equality in Business Education

Despite the increasing number of women in positions of executive power, the full inclusion of women in business case studies is still lacking. For example, a study published in the Financial Times noted that out of the 35 cases used by the University of Cambridge's MBA tutors, half had no mention of female executives. Another study showed that only seven out of 53 cases had any female protagonists. This gap in representation has real consequences for business students: it risks perpetuating the gendered stereotype that women do not belong in executive positions. To help close this gap, Anne Trumbore, Senior Director of Wharton Online at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Lilian Ajayi-Ore, a faculty member at New York University’s School of Professional Studies, and Colleen Ammerman, Director of the Gender Initiative at Harvard Business School, offer suggestions on how to create more gender-equitable classrooms for business students. Read it and find out more here.

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