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McDonalds, Identity, and Intersectionality

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

We create our identities from multiple sources - our families, our culture, our religion, our country, to name but a few. But one identity that is often taken for granted is our identity as an employee. Every company fosters its own culture through slogans and values that we're expected to live by for 40+ hours a week. These values--and the community they create-- play a role the development of our own sense of self and belonging. In this episode of Rough Translation, we hear about an immigrant community in Marseille, France, who considered their local McDonalds and its employees to be a type of home as well as a gateway into the wider French society. When the owner tries to sell the McDonalds, the neighborhood stages a mini-revolution and takes extreme measures to try and save it. Listen and find out more here!

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