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Stereotyping STEM

The Science Identity of College Students

Zahra Hazari, Philip M. Sadler and Gerhard Sonnert

Computer Science, Astronomy, Engineering ... in popular culture, these fields are overwhelmingly represented by white cisgender men. Zahra Hazari, Philip M. Sadler, and Gerhard Sonnert explore how this limited representation affects the "science identity" of college students. This is most relevant to the authors in the context of how a student's personal development during their college years (and, thus, later professional opportunities) can rely heavily on whether or not the student aligns with the "identity" of their industry. Women, people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTIQ people, and more feel ostracized by the dominant culture of STEM identities, and may be dissuaded from working in these fields due to their perceived social disconnect. Access the article here!

#ComputerScience #STEM #Gender #LGBTIQ

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