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The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the News Industry

The media industry has had to contend with various challenges at the start of 2024. With news organizations facing fewer investments and massive contractions, leading to more layoffs, media analysts, academics, reporters, and industry experts have asked themselves, “What about the future of journalism?”

According to NYU Associate Professor Jay Rosen, there are “several factors converging on the news industry to hollow it out, weaken the product, scare investors, and threaten jobs.”

These factors include but are not limited to unsuccessful searches for stable business models other than advertising, the rewiring of the public into niche audiences due to the Internet, and the lack of connection between journalism and audiences.

In a Twitter/X thread, Rosen also mentions one factor related to diversity and equity in the news industry:

This final note on Rosen’s thread brings us to a recent discussion in the media discourse that has to do with diversity in the news. According to Emma Carew Grovum, director of careers and culture at The Marshall Project, a few years ago we started seeing some growth and shifts that indicated that things were going to be different, including “conversations about race, ethnicity, language, privilege, and POV that grew and shifted and helped shape new policies and guidance.”

However, with recession looming and budgets getting smaller, “it would be all too easy for newsrooms to slow or entirely stop their investing into diversity, equity, and inclusion.” Therefore, in her article published in the Neiman Lab, Grovum proposes tips and strategies for those in power who are just starting in the industry to promote a more diverse and inclusive journalism industry. Among them are joining the organization’s DEIB committee – or starting one if it doesn’t exist yet –, using your privileges or influence to shine a light on colleagues who fly more under the radar, and correcting pay inequities.

You can read the full article here.

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