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Intersectionality in the [International] LGBTIQ Community

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

This short piece by Human Rights Watch examines the intersection of race, culture, sexuality, and identity. It discusses the importance of contextualizing identities and cautions us against making assumptions about a coherent group identity, based solely on a shared sexual orientation or gender identity. Similar to the warning voiced by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie in her TED Talk, "The Danger of a Single Story" (found here), the author, Rasha Younes, argues that a homogenous LGBT community does not exist. Using examples from trans and queer individuals from the MENA region, the article stresses the need to investigate intersectional identities (such as socioeconomic and/or racial identities). "Our political movements are not about naming or claiming identities for the sake of being recognized or visible to a dominant gaze. They are primarily a fight for bodily autonomy, reproductive justice, access to socioeconomic power, and free mobility. Regardless of whether we form a community, we are the actors and the affected." Read more here!

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