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The Glass Ceiling in Hospitality: How Does This Affect Female Leaders?

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The presence of the glass ceiling –a term coined by Marilyn Loden in 1978 that addresses the invisible barrier that prevents oppressed genders and groups from rising beyond a certain level in a hierarchy– in the hospitality industry is not surprising.

A recent analysis titled "Mentoring for gender equality: Supporting female leaders in the hospitality industry" reveals that hospitality organizations and careers are built around an "invisible masculine norm." As a result, women often encounter "gendered barriers" to progression and are limited in their career opportunities at work.

In the study, Katherine Dashper describes a year-long qualitative analysis of a women's mentoring program in the UK. The program illustrates the gendered obstacles and barriers women face in masculinist hospitality organizations.

Thanks to the mentoring program, women receive individualized support and become part of a force that tries to challenge stereotypes and gendered discourses of success in hospitality workplaces and careers.

If you're interested in reading the full study, you can find it here.

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