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The Intersectionality Lab (I-Lab) examines how inclusion, diversity, belonging, equity, and access intersect with teaching and research to enhance the liberal arts and industry-specific disciplines.

We support and engage New York University faculty through events, consultations, and resources. Learn more about us 


Events and activities at New York University to build community using an intersectionality lens.

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Seminars and demonstrations

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Co-sponsored events

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Informal discussions

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I-Lab services are focused on helping SPS faculty and industry leaders create inclusive environments to enhance learning, development, and innovation through the lens of intersectionality.

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Syllabus Consult

How can an intersectional analysis of your syllabus and course materials enhance your students' learning experiences? Upload your syllabus to request a meeting with a team member. 

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Learning Activities Brainstorm

How do you design learner-centered experiences to engage everyone in your classroom or organization? Contact us to schedule a rapid brainstorm session. 

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Community Building Strategies Ideation

How do we create a community of learners to engage in meaningful collaborative work? Contact us to schedule an ideation workshop. 

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Learn how NYU Faculty incorporate intersectionality work into their educational practice and industry work.

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"There is no thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives." - Audre Lorde

Intersectionality, Interdisciplinarity, Inclusivity, Inquiry, Innovation, Intercultural, International, Impact, Industry, Ideas, and the pronoun "I." How can I be part of the solution to systemic inequalities? The SPS I-Lab or Intersectionality Lab is a virtual space where NYU faculty from all units gather to interrogate how theories about anti-racism and social justice intersect with practices of pedagogy and applied research in both the liberal arts and industry-specific disciplines. Our work focuses on Intersectionality (as coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw in 1989) as a lens of inquiry, as an intellectual sensibility, and as a way to influence industry-specific policies and practices. By encouraging the application of theory to practice, the I-Lab will be a unique space at SPS (and beyond) where scholarship and industry come together with an explicit focus on understanding and reducing systemic inequalities. 

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